Factory catalogue

The first true self design of the company was launched on the market in 1991. Evoluzione was a complete kit built on the immortal american Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird & TransAm chassis, reminiscenting the legendary supersport Ferrari Testarossa. Evo Design was inspired by the German car tuner Koenig Competition, which convert the original Ferrari Testarossa into a perfect sophistication. Evoluzione has been produced for 12 succesful years and has gone through several facelifts, the most successful of which was the Evoluzione Due GTE, which was characterized by a lift-up electric door and an electrically retractable rear spoiler. At the times when 90% of the CzechoSlovak fleet was represented by 38-horsepower Škoda 105, and 50 horse Lada was already a high social status, 300-horsepower Evoluzione with electric windows, central locking, air conditioning and a maximum of 260 km/h represented absolutely unimaginable UFO dream. And in this atmosphere of great courage and motivation, the creation of a completely own car on own chassis was born - known K1 ATTACK.