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Attack Homester

The basic idea of caravanning is unbound freedom and joy of life. Imagine a getaway from boring ruled and lined urban life, the possibility to spend every sunset in different corner of the world, to enjoy a sip of morning coffee in a family circle next to the heart of nature, to have the ability to change your own life at any time and not fall into the stereotype of pretentious affectation, acrid smog and the virtual world of computers.


Camping with sound of sea and salty air flavor is wonderful rebellion, perfect experience full of emotions and funny stories. The further you stray, the greater sense of independence and joy you take.
But before the dream destination to reach, you'll still have a long and often extremely boring way, mostly by gray highway full of restrictions, fines and other pitfalls. In addition to this negative aspect, today's modern man is also the victim of long-term addiction to his own comfort, when after a few days in a small trailer or camper, becoming awarenes of the lack of personal space, start to perceive certain restrictions on hygiene and intimacy.
Logically begins to desire more space and better conditions for the whole family or crew..
And here arises the problem. Rebus, which suddenly intractable lockup and each alternative presents new and substantial limitations.

Finally you are drilled down to the fundamental dilemma, that means only next two options:
  • tiny little camper, usually reworked commercial van, where two persons gradually starts interfere each other in a small while, but you cruise the road up to maximum speed limit, you pay low tolls, saving fuel costs, all you need is basic driving license and the possibility of entrance and parking wherever a conventional passenger car can access.
  • or luxury camper van at the times of price, built on the large van or small truck base chassis, where already such-as four persons could be suppressed, but you travel a considerably reduced speed, you pay a fortune per each kilometer, you are literally sweating to fit the truck between the narrow lines of highway concrete panels, fuel consumption is similar to commercial truck, parking allowed only in designated areas, and above all - you must be in possession of "C" type driving license for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. Even if you will make such a costly driver's license, you will usually be driving thousands of kilometers alone, because there is no one to replace you..

But what would you say to the camper van, which will provide almost three times more space, two bathrooms, bath, luxury double bed, a large kitchen, dining room, toilet like at home, and on the top of that even integrated garage for motor scooter? What if, despite all upper mentioned, it would be able to hurtle down the highway maximum speed at the consumption of personal car, with a standard "B" driver's license and even your wife would parked it?

Introducing the world first mobile Maisonette Camper, that you can drive with a standard driving license and still belongs to the ordinary car class! By pressing a remote button you transform your fast small van onto double-level maisonette with a generous staircase, breathtaking view and endless possibilities. However, you can be back on the road in a minute and enjoy the dynamic vehicle power, that compete in handling with any personal car, and shift the safety bar to a whole new level.
The unique combination of generous space and versatile mobility, based on the patented idea of famous sports car design engineer, recalls the spirit of fantastical robot Transformer and introduce an entirely new era in philosophy of vital resting.

Karavan ® HOMESTER thus laying down the foundation of a new, super-modern camper class, that will soon displace any other form of mobile camping on the unattractive periphery, unnecessary waste of time, space and money. ® HOMESTER was primarily designed as the perfect residence for camping. Modular, comfortable, impressively monumental and safe.
However, as designers of racing specials, used to work with ultra-strong and super-light materials such as carbon fiber, kevlar and forged aluminum, we could not be satisfied with the weight distribution and center of gravity, as is the common case with other campers. The same attention as the exterior & interior, ergonomics, equipment and design, we paid the chassis and safety while camping, but even while driving. The result is a modern sophisticated product that responds to European new strict standards, sets a new trend in caravanning, but still stays true to the traditional relaxation and offers modern busy man repeated return to nature.

Basic Facts - Project Parameters

® HOMESTER is a modern ultra light superstructure upgrade, designed for light commercial vehicles (vans), that we offer as technically perfect complete kit. Similarly like many furniture concepts, our customer will install the kit on his van - piece by piece - according to a simple instruction manual full of details and pictures. This leads to new camper featuring widespread use for travel, leisure, sporting events, and a wide range of commercial uses.

The overall design of the product, its technical principle, system of all drive-trains, or sealing of interim hinges based on self designed alumunium profiles, and the final design of the whole camper, are protected by internationally registered industrial designs, as well as an extensive patent documentation.

The Kit is designed for:

Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper
Versions L3-H2 and L4-H2, from 2005/6 +
Dodge Ram ProMaster 2013+


Camper weight:

Varies depending on the selected Kit model, by type and year of the vehicle used as well as its equipment and drivetrain. The average weight of our Kit with our furniture set ranges below 900kg, so that the total curb weight of the complete van, including all conventional equipment, crew and also baggage, would not exceed critical 3,500kg limit.
(Limiting weight up to 3.500kg applies for driving license type "B" in selected EU countries)

Crew and baggage:

® HOMESTER is originally engineered for a crew of four and generous possibilities to enslose luggage. Thanks to a revolutionary light weight construction and furniture, caravan also has a built-in garage for motor scooter, bikes, surf, strollers, and other equipment.

Usable area:

® camper is unique and distinctive by use of two floors, instead of the classic single-deck space. The use of a shorter version of the donor van (L3-H2) usable floor area presents 9m2, while the floor area goes up to 13 square meters. Therefore the total usable area of the shorter, more compact camper, introduce incredible 22 square meters. The use of longer donor van (L4-H2) provides a little spacious ground area of 10m2, and the total place of more than 23 square meters. Both areas - ground floor and are securely connected by a fixed wide staircase, made of solid ultralight composite.

Camper Transformation:

It is a unique power extending and folding the camper by remote control. Your Homester can be controled by A1 application through any smartphone. This will give you also the feedback information what is ON and OFF, or a direct view from interior security camera, such as the prevention of harm curious child, or damage of poorly folded furniture, luggage, etc. However, you can also control everything by our RF remote control. We distinguish two modes: Ride or Campsite. In the state of "Ride" camper is folded and behaves identically as loaded passenger car, resp. small van. In the state "Camping" the upper deck is extended, roof is lifted and the side floors are stretched.

Contents of the Kit:

Kit contains all panels and hardware required to build a functional van extension, to made a closed space of two floors with connecting staircase. Furniture and individual specific versions of the camper kit are offered separately. Part of the kit is a detailed photographic instruction manual How to build the camper, with a clear specification of needed tools and time demad per each chapter of process. The kit is supplied with a detailed parts list with image of each, and a quality check-pass of every individual part.

Installation difficulty level:

® HOMESTER kit is made for medium-savvy home enthusiasts. No need for any welding or stretching! All joints are screwed, riveted and glued, so as to form a perfect bonded whole with different dilatation properties, resistant to time, stress and vibrations. This project was precisely engineered from the very beginning with an emphasis on simple solution od each detail, in the easy spirit of "lego style" where all the parts fit together, or on the vehicle, so that the process is completely clear and creates a true feeling of a well done job. The entire construction process is drafted in the style of "fun and hobby", and its implementation is to be fun, family relax, where every member of the family can be involved.
If you are able to break down and build back the bicycle, or to reliably assemble kitchen cabinets, building the ® HOMESTER with at least one assistant, should not take you more than 2-3 weeks.

The new “Maisonette class" class caravan ® and its comparison:

World of caravanning is today achieving its greatest expansion. For simplified example, we can divide present motorhomes into three basic categories: Internal, semi-integrated and Integrated. Internal is currently the most popular and most dynamicly growing category in caravanning. Due to the strict European Union laws, which no longer accept the exemption of personal campers and trailers, and the weight limits were modified since 2016 to the same template as commercially trucks, the vast majority of camping lovers in Europe has to adopt themselfs to this drasticly restrictive compromise, and has to adapt with fundamentally smaller living space, for a significantly bearable user costs, charges and restrictions. And exactly in this class the ® HOMESTER precisely fits, and is bringing a variety of groundbreaking and unique solutions! Here we bring a clear comparison summary of base camper classes and easy evaluation of their advantages / disadvantages. Please, make your own mind.

Typical internals

The base donor vehicle is closed, metal sheeted van, type of Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Dodge Ram ProMaster 2013+, etc.. All important furniture components are built inside the commercial vehicle to constitute an acceptable compromise of space usage, so that the fully loaded camper with a crew and baggage remained in the passenger car class, up to 3.5 tonnes.

  • relatively low price, with decent equipment usually between 45 to 65.000 €
  • standars driving license type (B)
  • low weight
  • unchanged dimensions of factory van
  • low aerodynamic resistance
  • high speed cruising
  • low fuel consumption
  • short braking distance
  • properly balanced handling
  • excellent maneuverability
  • minimal side-wind sensitivity
  • standard tolls (vignette)
  • easy parking and maneuvering
  • accessibility to urban centers
  • short body overhangs from axles
  • solid luggage add-on
  • 4 enter / exits openings
  • low price ferry transportation
  • common van serviceability
  • dynamic & compact vehicle shape
  • expressly insufficient space for 3-4-member crew
  • limited sleeping, need of table-to-bed remake
  • minimalist kitchen with minimal storage space
  • permanently wet toilet placed in the shower-boot
  • limited space for storage capacity
  • lack of scooter/bicycles garage (hanged on exterior hooks)

Typical semi-integrated

The basis here is plain ladder chassis, equiped by original factory cab, type of Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco, Ford Transit, Dodge Ram ProMaster 2013+ , etc.. New wide dimensional body is attached to the steel frame which is connected to the original driver/passenger cab. Newly created space is fitted with furniture, according to customer needs. Semi-integrated motorhome means a solid spatial comfort for 2 crew members, however, more people must adapt to limited conditions, particularly in sleeping and hygiene. Most of the short semi-integrated campers is trying to maintain a fully loaded vehicle up to 3.5 tons, but usually its very own construction and equipment is so heavy, that the camper has a minimum add-on luggage. Many semi-integrated caravans already belongs to the trucks category with all the known disadvantages.

  • significantly more comfortable room for more crew members
  • more spacious sleeping, but still need table-to-bed remake, or impaired access ladder above the driver's cab
  • more spacious kitchen with more convenient storage space
  • toilet separated from shower tube, more space
  • space increased storage capacity
  • scooter/bicycles parking availability, but at the rear - negatively affecting vehicles balance
  • common chassis-cab serviceability
  • relatively high price, with decent equipment usually between 60 to 110,000 euros
  • special driving license type (C) - over 3,5 tons
  • weight at the 3.5 tonnes level
  • radically expanded vehicle width, even more than 40 cm
  • dramatically extended length of the car, even more than 3 meters
  • significantly increased aerodynamic drag
  • reduced cruising speed
  • significantly higher fuel consumption
  • extended stopping distance
  • significantly impaired driving performance
  • essentialy increased side-wind sensitivity
  • significantly impaired maneuverability
  • over 3.5 tons - enormous road tolls (GO Box)
  • difficult parking, poor maneuverability
  • reduced accessibility to urban centers
  • dangerous and heavy body overhangs from axles
  • low luggage add-on
  • high price ferry transportation
  • 3 enter / exit openings, lack of rear doors
  • disgusting deep inside chassis recessed wheels
  • non-aerodynamic, non-compact vehicle shape

Typical Integrated

Built on a custom made steel chassis equipped by full powertrain and axles, but without any cab. This work as a base for a one-dimensional superstructure that is installed, not like semi-integrated camper, instead of a cab and a common living space. New space is equipped with furniture and equipment according to the customer's requirements. Integrated motorhome offers decent room comfort for a more crew member, and it is usually equipped with a solid bed and a shower tube separated from the toilet. There are smaller and lighter models of integrated campers, that violently push themselves into the 3.5 ton class, however a small and light integrated camper simply completely denies the main sense of their own developmental existence. And that is a generous space and luxury. These both attributes are necessarily subject to increased weight, so this type of caravan is legally already among the trucks. Disadvantages are known.

  • solid living space for multiple crew members
  • decent sleeping, without the need of table-to-bed remake
  • improved access to bed above the driver's cab
  • high luggage add-on capacity
  • more spacious kitchen with adequate storage space
  • toilet separated from the shower, more space
  • space and weight increased luggage capacity
  • scooter/bicycles garage, but at the back, negatively affecting vehicles balance
  • very high price, with decent equipment usually between 70 - 170 thousand euros
  • special driving license type (C) - over 3,5 tons
  • high vehicle weight
  • impractically wide camper, even 240 cm
  • impractically long caravan, even 8 m
  • enormous aerodynamic resistance
  • substantially reduced cruising speed
  • inadequately high fuel consumption
  • long braking distance
  • dramatically impaired driving handling
  • substantial increased side-wind sensitivity
  • significantly impaired maneuverability
  • huge road tolls (GO Box)
  • intricate parking, poor maneuverability
  • denied accessibility to the city center
  • dangerous and heavy body overhangs from axles
  • high cost ferry transportation
  • senseless huge dashboard with a large unusable space
  • disgusting deep inside chassis recessed wheels
  • 2 enter / exit openings, absence of passenger and rear doors
  • limited serviceability of a special motorized chassis
  • bizarre non-aerodynamic shape of the vehicle

® Homester

The basis donor vehicle is closed, metal sheeted van, such as Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, or Citroen Jumper, manufactured from 2005 up to 2020 and Dodge Ram ProMaster 2013+. The exterior of the van is being equipped with special super-light composite panels made by the aircraft manufacturer, designed to preserve the original aerodynamic shape of the vehicle. The interior of the original commercial vehicle is equipped with ultra-light stylish furniture of a modern ergonomic shape, creating an unbeatably generous "maisonette" double-deck space, coupled with a comfortable wide staircase. Ground floor is all devoted to common living space, spacious kitchen, dining room, large toilet, and also garage, because unlike any competitor, it is not banned with combined sleeping. The whole top floor consists of a huge bedroom with a separate washbasin, a deep bathtub and a private relaxation area. Thanks to the ultra-light super-rigid materials, a fully loaded camper with a 4-person crew and luggage, is ranked among the lightest caravans in all classes, and therefore maintains the legislative status of a standard passenger car weighing up to 3.5 tons.

  • price at the standard Internal Camper level with decent equipment
  • standars driving license type (B)
  • low weight
  • minimal changes against the original van dimensions
  • low aerodynamic resistance
  • high speed cruising
  • low fuel consumption
  • short braking distance
  • excellent handling characteristics
  • unmatched maneuverability
  • minimal side-wind sensitivity
  • standard highway tolls (vignette)
  • short body overhangs from axles
  • easy parking and maneuvering
  • increased interior safety thanks to roof-mounted carbon struts and dural supports
  • accessibility to urban centers
  • aditional extra living space for multi-crew member
  • luxury sleeping room, queen-size bed, 2 single beds
  • spacious kitchen with pull-out work area and ventilation
  • spacious toilet with washbasin
  • shower tube on the ground floor, full bath on the top floor
  • another washbasin on the top floor, adjustable height
  • power tilting stairs integrated into the entrance door
  • unusual wide entrance door - up to 63 cm
  • excellent luggage add-on
  • 4 enter / exits openings
  • low cost ferry transportation
  • common van serviceability
  • built-in garage for scooter/bicycles, without any negative impact on driving characteristics, due to the excelent center of gravity
  • compact sports-dynamic shape of the vehicle
  • let us know if you find any, we didn’t find them yet

Welcome to the spacious interior of the newest caravan generation, the new Maisonette class! Come in, please!

The stylish anodized handrail passes vertically through both floors to provide comfortable and safe support both on the ground floor and on the upper floor. At the same time, it hides inside a patented lifting mechanism of the entire superstructure, that stabilizes its excentric position by the pantograph-bonded composite panels.

The wide composite staircase separates the living area from the garage, that hides the scooter, miscelanious luggages or other tools. Storing this load between the axles of the actual vehicle represents an ideal mass distribution and has a major impact on camper's handling characteristics and driving safety.

The ground floor bathroom is thanks to a special toilet with turntable seat, ideally combined with shower. This area is in standard van always restricted on space due to a huge rear wheel fenders on both sides. However Homester has a modified axles and new shrinked interior fenders, that actualy extends the vehicles width by 20cm, and serves as a storage compartment. Bottom bathroom is naturally the lightest part of the camper, so it is located at the rear to eliminate the the lateral G forces in the middle of the curve. Of course, all the walls, toilet and the mirror are made of lightweight materials.

Dining area of the caravan is thanks to the rotating driver and the passenger seats, a pleasant dayroom area. Thanks to the second floor sleeping room, there is no need for a dramatic space saving and no need for a folding table which is used as bed in normal caravans. Homester has a dimensionall fixed dining table, made of ultra-lightweight composite material with an anti-slip edge. The space become unusually generous, especially when the door-stairs are opened and the large kitchen wall is folded wide open. The interior of the caravan is richly lighted by super-efficient LED bands with different color moods.

The kitchen unit wall is power operated and represents an extremely efficient ventilation digester. With this moving, an additional work area opens, making the large kitchen line multiply its area by another third. The line is equipped with an integrated sink with normal domestic dimensions, not a common micro camper type of sink. Homester can just afford it! The kitchen is full of cabinets and storage shelves, the fridge & freezer is placed ergonomically right at the hand. Obviously we have placed the heaviest furniture as close as possible to the rotation axis and the center of gravity of the vehicle, so that the lateral forces act on all the wheels equally.

A special work area, measuring 80 x 40 cm, can also serve for external refreshments.

Convenient wide staircase is made of aircraft materials and even if it weights just 15 kg, it would withold over 2000kg of load! We know that it's almost 30 times as much as necessary, but our goal is to provide the crew with the highest degree of safety in a critical situation.

Homester is the only caravan on the market featuring two-bathrooms and a full depth bath just like you got at home. Why? Because you can afford it.. You can set the remote controlled washbasin exactly to the height you need. When folding the floor, the basin is automatically inserted into the floor. The bathtub or the entire bathroom can be covered with a curtain that is automatically stretched and lowered when folding and opening the superstructure.

The railing is folded into the floor in three parts, when the safety lock is depressed. The comfortable sofa, stool, and armchair are inflatable, with their own compressor, and before the camper gets closed, they are drained in a few seconds and stored in the bathtube. After the folding is done, there is still almost 30 cm of space from the floor to the roof sealing, so that the mattresses and pillars keep stowed in this space.

The upper floor is equipped with a security camera that senses the interior, and on the smartphone monitor, or on another screen, you can see if everything goes well during the closing process, and if your curious child did not just decided to climb up the stairs. Your safety is our responsibility and advertising, and we want to deserve it.


® HOMESTER is a modern ultra-lightweight kit, using the existing new or used Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer or Citroen Jumper, manufactured since 2006, or Dodge Ram ProMaster 2013 +. These commercial vans are available in four versions, from which we use the two most versatile versions L3-H2 and L4-H2, while the letter L representing the length of the car (L3 and L4 are the two longest) and H its height (H2 is the middle, most used height)

According to the step-by-step pictorial instructions, customer simply mounts his new kit on the van and upon completion a versatile caravan is made, with wide use for travel, leisure, sports, or a wide range of commercial uses

The kit contains all panels and hardware needed to build a functional superstructure to create a closed space on both floors and the connection staircase. It comes with a detailed packing list, with the illustration and control pass of each individual piece, just like you know from Ikea furniture.

The project is designed by a average skilled home masters. No welding or stretching is required, all joints are bolted, riveted and bonded to create a perfect fit. Homester was originally designed as a jigsaw puzzle, where all parts fit together to make the process simple and clear and to create a feeling of well-done job. The work here is a family fun relaxation that every family member can engage in.

The finished ® HOMESTER is almost identical in size to the original van, which by recommended L3-H2 version is one of the smaller ones on the market, and it is only about half a meter longer from luxury limousines. These parameters guarantee a simple control and maneuverability even in urban centers where the regular caravan does not get at all, or can not get parked.

Homester is equipped with four telescopic leg-supports, made of superstrong hi-temp baked carbon fiber and reinforced with aramid fibers. The electric suspension support system pushes up 1.200 kg and is designed to level the caravan on uneven terrain, while moving its axis of horizontal rotation more than one meter away from its own center of gravity. The task of this action is to perfectly seduce the camper, so that even under an extreme weather conditions it can not overturn under any circumstances. In such an extreme case, the camper would have to rise above this extended longitudinal axis, which meants to lift weight of 3.5 tons, but that would be a situation, where the heavy trucks and buses would already be on their way to flip over.

The power opening and folding of Homester is quite unique. We recognize two status modes: Drive or Camping. In the "Driving" state, the caravan is closed and behaves identically as a laden passenger vehicle, respectively small van. In the "Camping" state, the upper floor is being lifted, the roof is raised and the side floors are extended. You can control the camper by the A1 app through any smartphone, that will also give you feedback or an interior camera's security view as well, such as prevention from hurting a curious child or damaging poorly folded furniture, luggage, etc. However, you can also control the process by our RF remote control.

The dimensions of the camping caravan remain the original, which is a big advantage especially in crowded camps. And you only pay for square meter, not for the height. This parameter is also interesting in commercial use, for example on precious exhibition areas of various shows.

The camper camping state represents a constructively clean line, whose job is to evoke the feeling of safety, coziness and reliability. For higher level of privacy, the clamping sticks can be joined by crossed fabric or mattress. The Homester does not need an outside marquee, its sliding floors shading both sides of the caravan 1 meter at 3.5 meters long.

The extraordinary Homester entrance and its tilting stairs, whose design was inspired by private jets, was a self-imposed task for our engineering team. The width of the door itself is 63 cm, making it an unprecedented luxury in the caravaning world. The stairs will pop up within 4 seconds since pressing the "open" command, however, you never know exactly what height the surface of the ground is, and whether you are pointing at the barrel or bigger brick. The drive system is equipped with a telescopic force compensator which, after touching the obstacle, creates minimal pressure and the stairs are reliably switched off in any position above the ground. Telescopic support is designed in an angle where it provides ideal hand rail.

® HOMESTER is packed with a state-of-the-art intelligent system where you can control all the features at a distance, from the comfort of the caravan seat, or from outside, just by using your smart phone and unique A1 Application. The application communicates through a special RF-WiFi SmartBox installed in the vehicle that receives the wifi command from your handy (PDA, tablet), converts the signal to a radio command, and through a special actuator turns on, or disables any selected function.

Using A1 App, you can unlock camper, tilt and close the entrance door with integrated stairs, control the lights throughout the vehicle, lift or lower the top floor, push or slide the washbasin with the table on the top floor, open the kitchen wall with extra desktop, or level your motorhome position using four Independently controlled stabilizing leg-supports. Other additional systems such as heating, air conditioning, power stations or various multimedia devices can be controlled by the application as well. A1 App will monitor your wifi cameras, so you can watch the events around your camper on the screen of your mobile, tablet, or TV, as well as the interior of the top floor, during the roof launch, or even parking maneuvering. The application checks and informs your weather prediction, the indoor and outdoor sensors are sending the actual temperature datas several times per minute, various warning sensors monitors the gas leakage, water, or violent disturbance of the vehicle from outside. The A1 SmartBox is synchronized with the satelite wifi router (no local SIM card is needed), which provides a worldwide internet connection for the whole crew.

The application is perfectly functional on all common mobile devices and you can download it free of charge on these links IOS | Android | Windows

In case you do not use a smart phone, PDA, tablet, etc. or you own an older model without a touch screen, the A1 App provides the Pilot remote control with a color display. If you do not even have a mobile phone, and your Pilot remote control is lost or unavailable, every actuator controlling each devive in camper can be equipped with a separate wireless wall switch, that sticks wherever you want and can be used as a classic mechanical switch. Whatever the number of switches and their features are used, the A1 App still provides you with a status check on the display whether it is OFF or ON and its simultaneous remote controling.

Wireless remote controller with display RF Pilot is a central control unit for switching ® HOMESTER appliances and devices, for dimming lights and controlling shutters

Portfolio Portfolio

4-channel controller RF Key keychain is used to control switchers and dimmers (lights, gates, shutters...)


Wireless wall controller is used to control switchers and dimmers (lights, gates, shutters...)

Portfolio Portfolio

A1 Smart RF box allows you to control any camper electro-installation via Smartphone, tablet or Smart TV


Interior color IP camera, which can be easily connected to a LAN through cable or to a WiFi network


Switch unit for shutters intended for switching the motors of shutters, jalousie, awnings, garage doors etc.


RF switching units are used to control appliances, lighting, heating, gates, sockets etc.


Universal multifunction dimming actuator with 7 functions, operates LED bulbs


Wireless temperature RF sensor measures the temperature and sends it in regular intervals into your Smartphone, so you can turn on heating or AC RF unit.


The wireless controller measures the room temperature and sends it in regular intervals into your Smartphone, so you can turn on heating or AC RF unit.


The RF smoke leak detector


Application for Smartphones with Android operating system


Application for Smartphones with iOS operating system


The patented platform of ® HOMESTER's basic idea, opens with its unique combination of mobility & space, not only a new era of vital relax philosophy. Variable-use ground floor with a massive deck and several doors, along with a spacious top floor area, predominate ® HOMESTER even for wide use in sports activities or in various areas of business.

Our R&D (research&development) department is preparing for you a few interesting variations of possible Homester modifications, in which design and testing works together with recognized experts from practice.


model: RICARDO

Description: The most popular camper with massive use almost in every area. The RICARDO concept has grown steadily on the basis of long years experiences, both yours and our needs. Its origin, as a very own factory model idea of a two-floor ultra-light hi-speed motorhome, was inspired mainly by legislative changes in the countries of the European Union. The RICARDO model presents the ideal composition of the rooms layout, furniture, equipment, luxury, design, weight, structural rigidity, practical usability and a price balance as introduced in our animation and pictures. Ground floor is fully and sophistically designed with respect to maximum ergonomics. Each piece of furniture is exactly and functionally tested and positioned with regard to its versatility of use, according to its center of gravity due to the caravan's handling characteristics, and last but not least, the design. Many parts serve also as a support for the upper floor, which also significantly affects the safety of the crew. The ground floor is equipped with turntable adjustable seats, dining table, double stool, kitchene unit, refrigerator, staircase, scooter garage, and toilet with shower. The top floor is characterized by a generous flat, a full bath, adjustable washbasin, a queen size bed, a two-person sofa, coffee table, comfortable chair and an adult or two younger children bed. With its multifunctional use, RICARDO works equally well for the relaxing holiday of a family of four, as well as for a group of extreme sports fans on an active adrenaline trip.
The price of this model is thanks to its popularity favoured by factory support.
Ambasador: ® HOMESTER family team. Special thanks to Richard Kvetnansky for relentless support and valuable user advice.
Floor plans:



model: DAKAR "in development"

Description: Model Dakar The model Dakar arises as a demand of bivouacing under the harsh conditions of the legendary Dakar Rally race. It is characterized by the practical adaptation of living ergonomics with the maximum concentration of attention to the garage and servicing of the race motobike. The rider and the mechanic are to relax and rest on a spacious top floor, where they use mainly a light simple folding furniture, shower, toilet and a pull-out power sink. Several mechanics may sleep on the top floor, including the crew of a companion service vehicle that is not equipped with a sleeping space. The ground floor is fully devoted to race bike, tools, spare parts, helmet dryers, jerseys and boots, as well as to the various individual needs of the rider and team. By adding a chair bench behind the driver's seat, two additional seats can be used to travel the four-person crew, and space for a smaller dining room will also be created, however the service space for the machine will be slightly reduced. The versatility of the DAKAR model is great for all similar sports with smaller motor and non-motorized equipment, whether it's a quad bike, go-kart, windsurfing, water scooters or cycling. Primarily, for the Dakar Rally, the recommended donor vehicle would be all wheel drive van (Fiat Ducato from 2015).

Ambasador: Ivan Jakeš, internationally recognized motocross rider, 10-time Rallye Dakar participant
Floor plans: "in development"

® HOMESTER due to its huge versatility can become to be the basis for many interesting special versions of caravans, mobile stands with refreshments, exhibition stands, various studies and mobile work centers.

Join our team, become a co-author of a new idea, a special model that will carry your idea and name!

A1 Performamce & Safety Program - comes from an automotive history and rich R&D (research & development) racing experience of the Attack brand.

The A1 PSP program sophisticaly modifies ® HOMESTERcamper from clumsy, lazy and unbalanced van, to an agile, safe and stable passenger car.
Our R&D department, together with renowned car makers and brand tuners, paid an extraordinary attention to the chassis group, as well as the power-train of all three commercial vans, on which the ® HOMESTER is based. (Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper)

We sensitively realize, that percieve a modern motorhome only as a static luxury residence for camping, ignoring the fact that it is a high-stressed motor vehicle, would be literally irresponsible! Unfortunately, this is a common practice, and the overwhelming percentage of caravans on the roads poses a great risk to their own crew as well as to their surroundings. More than 90% of caravans are overloaded, expressly poorly balanced, with absolutely unsatisfactory chassis, under-dimensioned brakes and under-powered engine.

How is this possible nowadays?

A car manufacturer produces a van, or chassis with a cabin, intended for standard commercial purposes. Appropriately calculates the load level, several operating forces, lateral overload and torsional rigidity load of the vehicle. It is assumed, that at least a third of the vehicles life cycle is passed unladen, or not loaded up to its maximum load. However, motorome is fully loaded from its first mile until to the end of its life cycle.

In addition to this, the original commercial vehicle is designed to transport heavy goods, which are logically placed in the middle of the gravity center and as close as possible to its rotation axis. Typical camper maker or tuner, paradoxically especially when it comes to a large and super expensive semi-integrated and integrated campers, stretches the vehicle's rear-end (even a few meters!) against the original van construction, and therefore catastrophically and absurdly eliminates any driving characteristics of the newly built vehicle.

Not to mention the excess height, or extension of the vehicle to extremely impractical and literally dangerous parameters. You can see this phenomenon daily on the roads, start watching the deceptive long rear overhang of most caravans and also their wheels, deeply drowned in the bodywork . Have you seen a van with such parameters from a car manufacturer? Of course not.. And on the top of the tragic disaster, absolutely all campers use exactly this rear overhang as luggage space, as well as a garage for heavy scooter. Not to mention even those fools, who hang the scooter on a heavy stainless steel frame outside over the rear bumper. Such a caravan instantly loses its directional stability, it is constantly rocking, swinging to the sides, poorly braking, it's unwilling to turn into the curve and sometimes it doesn't steer at all. Due to the massively overloaded rear, the front wheels are lifted and literally loosing contact with the road. It is a totally identical principle, as if you would fasten a 5 kilogram hammer onto the end of long tail of extremely skillful squirrel, that jumps from tree to tree without any hesitation.. As soon as the squirrel wants to change the direction, the heavy hammer, which is placed completely out of center-line, turn her off without any pardon, and gets her into the tail-spin. This is exactly what happens to your caravan, when you sharply need to change the direction. A common avoiding maneuver is high likely going to turn into horror, and in a second you find yourself in a wild carousel, which usually ends quite tragically.

Another smashing aspect, is however, the human factor. Unlike a professional driver, a typical motorhome is usually driven once in a half-year by occasional amateur, who has loaded, instead of the insured goods, his most precious family. Even if you've got driven countless of miles, it's almost certain that it was not a fully loaded freighter truck with a dumb weight distribution of heavy goods. The only thing you definitely don't need during your family trip, is surely the runaway locomotive out of control, that you will fight all the way up to your dreamed destination.

Aren't these facts adequate enough, to take a look at our ® HOMESTER from a completely new angle, and to develop it strictly different from scratch? First of all with a strong attention to perfect handling, all performance characteristics, balance, weight, stability and safety? Our camper has almost no overhangs, it has all the weight concentrated exclusively between the front and rear vehicle axles, at the lowest centrum of gravity, as close as possible to the center line of the actual vehicle. Even our scooter in the garage has its center of gravity in front of the vehicles rear axle, which minimizes the gyroscopic effect - the centrifugal power of the lateral G force in the curve. Same way are located all canisters, water tanks, accumulators, or other heavy objects that are required in the camper. Even the furniture in ® HOMESTERi is made by aircraft technology from super light composite sandvich-honeycomb materials. In spite of the absence of dangerous overhangs, our axles are extended for enhanced vehicle stability against the side winds, for superior handling in rapid curves, and to wihstand the van in unpredictable situations.

In the interest of superb handling with an incredibly sharp ride option, the chassis is stabilized by top-of-the-line shock absorbers, developed and produced by a world leading producer, supplying dampers also to Formula 1 monoposts. The main task of this system is to manage the chassis height, so that the damping segments work in the middle of their trajectory, rather than at their end, where their effect is minimized. Also, the bump and rebound pressure is modified, eliminating the bumping of the heavier camper in the sharp curve, or while braking. In a heavy van, however, the perfect chassis is not much of an experience without a sufficient power performance. And also, we don't want to see you in oppostie direction during overtaking for longer than realy necessary. Therefore, we have installed in our ® HOMESTER a genial electronic control unit, that dramatically upgrades the engine power and torque, so that you feel like driving a personal vehicle in the RS class, rather than the family motorhome on a trip. Extreme portion of power, together with the short gears of the original transmission, push you into the seats so that you have 100 km/h on the speedometer faster than on any passenger car. Just like that surprised smile on your face.. If along with the extra power, we would provide even significantly better fuel consumption, than you had in your original van, you probably don't get so much worried with us.

Welcome to our world of caravaning!
In the new world of driving passion, a world of enthusiasm, dynamism and safety.
In the world - where one kilometer has a suddenly just 200 meters!

(The price of A1 Performance & Safety Program package, and its parts, are being prepared and will soon be published on the PRICE page)

Fiat Ducato power curve and engine torque,
before & after our modifications.

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You can get your new ® HOMESTER in a verified and fun way, that will bond the family, join friends and save your budget. The idea of selling a "Kit Car" way was created by the brilliant English designer and engineer Colin Chapman in the early sixties, when he offered a "sale of parts" to let the customer build at home the legendary sports car Lotus Seven, which is still today an iconic automobile jewel and became the start of a successful Lotus career, which sold this way nearly three thousand vehicles. 18 years ago, we tried the Kit Car philosophy of sales as well, and the result is notoriously well-known: More than 300 K1 Attack Roadster super sports cars have been produced and sold, riding nowadays all over the world continents, that conquered not only the world's car shows, but also many GT race events.

From a customer and also marketing aspect, this philosophy has proven to be extremely popular and therefore we have decided to give our fans and customers agian the chance to build a revolutionary dream project by themselves and at an very affordable price. A similar ultra-light motorhome with related parameters, made from this type of aircraft materials, would probably start at a traditional brand showroom with a sum of more than 300 thousand euros and more.
We are a small family team with a rich history, with 27 years of automotive experience, and a great numbers of international success. Our products never needed a demanding distribution network, nor expensive transnational advertisings, or thousands of employees. We rely on direct communication with the final consumer, because this is our customer. Not a broker who parasitically and with bloody profit stands between the manufacturer and the client. That's why we provide you with a original manufacturer contact, and that is why you can start building your masterpiece from 36 840 eur (export - netto) based on your own vehicle, whether it's used or a brand new one.

However, if you do not have the space, time you require a professional installation with a guarantee from a renowned automotive company, we will be glad to hand over your new Homester at one of our contract service centers or showrooms. The kit price remains the same, you would only pay for the vehicle assembly, according to your demand and optional equipment. You can either provide your own used van, or we will deliver a brand newf Fiat Ducato at current dealer's price, according to your needs, covered by full warranty (see main menu - INSTALLATION CENTERS).

® HOMESTER - kit

Model LITE:
Current price: 36 840.- EUR (export - netto)
Includes all the necessary parts, panels and mechanical components for the construction of a maisonette enclosed caravan. Model LITE presents economically the less costly basis for your own creations, ideas, or projects. Camper does power operate the opening and closure of the upper deck floor, as well as featuring a set of four power operated telescopic supports that ensure its perfect stability and leveling of the equilibrium position in any terrain. LITE model does not include any equipment or furniture, does not have extended interior/exterior fenders, it uses the original floor, it is not equipped with electric power doors or stairs, it also does not contain the A1 App smartphone remote control. However, it offers wide use of its empty dimensional area - up to 23 square meters. The LITE model package comes with a detailed photographic instruction manual full of details, tricks and utilities, according to which your ® HOMESTER is to be done by amateur with a helper in a few days.

Model Ricardo:
Factory recommended model Ricardo introduces the ideal composition of rooms layout, furniture, equipment, luxury, design, weight, structural strength, practical usability and fair price balance. The Ricardo model is presented in our animation and major pictures, and represents all the exterior and interior gadgets exactly as you see them. Ricardos price is favored thanks to the brand philosophy and its popularity, which means, that when you order all parts and equipment, the price configurator for the model Ricardo will provide you with a more advantageous price than individual parts ordering. The Ricardo's kit contains of course as well detailed photographic instruction manual with all the tricks, according to which to build the ® HOMESTER is just a few days longer process since the interior and more demanding equipment level. For more details, visit the MODELS page.

Model Dakar:
The true sporting use of the model Dakar is already being suggested by its name back to legendary desert races. For more details on this camper variant, please visit the MODELS page.

About Us


„I do not understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I am more scared of the old ones."
John Cage

Success is not a matter of the individual
Energetic and creative team is usually not created overnight, but is subject to the demands of the selection of individuals who represent him.
The history of our team began in 1989, shortly after the revolution in socialist Czechoslovakia. Teenager Kvetnansky began, while studying at university, to use his contacts in native America, and launched the car business. At the same time, a little older, creative and already trained Urbanek employed in a multinational oil company, massively supporting automotive sport.
It was a matter of time in the small Slovak state, when these two will meet. In the meantime well-known manufacturer of timeless sophisticated super-sports cars Dick Kvetnansky and one of the strong oil brand leaders Juraj Urbanek, and will shake hands.
Dick: "George was my best Slovak customer, he fell in crazy love with the Attack Roadster and bought gradually all my models He does not only loved these cars, he became part of the testing and development”. Modyfing the Attack Roadster road version to a racing version called Attack R4S (Race for Slovakia), these friendly activities even joined in longtime oil brand sponsoring and celebrated the joint success on international circuits.
George: "Dick has spent his life in his R&D workshop, behind the steering wheel of his own race car and specially in his huge American 5-th wheel camper in all racing paddocks all over the Europe." And somewhere here, the new interesting story began to be written.

Beautiful exotic convertible Attack Roadster runs daily in many countries of the world, the most valuable solitairs stand in exclusive private showrooms. Its racing derivative - diabolical Attack R4S, later brutal Praga R4S, collected many successes in the most difficult GT Open circuit class throughout all over Europe.
Worth to mention is not only completely custom made tubular chassis, timeless design, slick bodywork and incredible aerodynamical downforce all over the Slovak supercar, but also powerful superlight eight-cylinder engine of its own design, spinning an incredible 12,000 rpm.
The following phenomenal model Praga R1 LMP, currently the most successful circuit special in all ultralight classes, featuring full carbon F1 type monocoque chassis, was Kvetnansky's latest development cooperation as co-owner and president of the company. After introducing grandeur Praga R1 at an international press conference at famous Slovakiaring race circuit, he left the dynamically developing company Praga and decided to keep on there, from where the best ideas and plans were most often born. Silence corner of his camper at race track paddock.

Supposedly by growing gray hair and increasing responsibility the competitor, design engineer and enthusiast Dick Kvetňansky, be dulled part of the race ferocity and aggressiveness, but the vast automotive experiences, technologies and enthusiasm to "again prove somehing revolutionary" remained.
Welcome to the world of liberty, freedom, technical excellence, luxury and fantasy. Enjoy conversion of aspiring Attack Roadster to the cozy Attack Homester.

"Nothing great has never been achieved without enthusiasm."
Emerson, R. W.


Ing. Dick Bob Kvetnansky

Chief Executive Officer
company founder


Ing. Juraj Urbanek

Chief Financial Officer


RNDr. Ing. Rastislav Malatinec

general manager


Karol Venchich

logistic manager

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Praga R1

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® HOMESTER is precisely designed Kit of prestigious camper, with a focus on excelent fitting and optimal alignement of all parts, as well as high attention to the individual visible or hidden details.
By relatively simple installation a revolutionary camper arises, laying the foundations for a brand new "Maisonette class", which of becomes to be a historical founder.
Despite the proven, and in the world of furniture extremely popular philosophy of Kit home installation, many potential camper-heads do not have the opportunity, conditions, or some basal skill to put together their own Homester.

Just for those, we create a global infrastructure of installation and service centers in each country where the ® HOMESTER solds.
Whether your kit is being ordered directly from us, or from your local serviceman, selected with whom our company ® Ltd. has contractual relationship, we guarantee you, that the price of the product is not raised under any circumstances. Moreover, you will be charged only for the service operations and materials that will be provided in building process of your camper.

Each of our contractual partner has of course factory support and we would deal with them all your individual needs as well, as we would have them dealt directly with you. The advantage of working with our centers is also the possibility of retrofitting your Homester by various accessories and widgets, that your partner will organize for you and also expertly install. A fundamental advantage of such a Turn-Key order is, that we guarantee the performed craftmanship and supplied material. At the same time, you are getting a lasting relationship with your service center, that knows your camper from its birth, and will be providing literally family services for years.

Serious bidders about the contractual relationship ® FITTING CENTER, contact us, you will be included in the tender.

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Development and engineering of ® camper is extremely exact and responsible full time job. Especially the fact that our camper was developed, unlike normal commercial factory products, as a Kit-Car project, designed for amateur leisure, where the work turnes into relaxation and fun. This moment required a special attention while designing every single part of the Kit, so it would perfectly and logically fit the handyman into his comprehensive picture of the entire project.

Such a unique camper, the founder and pioneer of own "Such a unique camper, the founder and pioneer of own class", however deserves its own advertising support by various well known gadgeds and design pieces.

For these reasons, we divided our development on the exact technical engineering ® and creative design function DESIGN® . The two teams work independently to each other and do not affect disturbing, but in the final results, their work will meet in technically perfect and artistically valuable inventiveness, which we will gradually present here. The DESIGN® team consists of several well-known names from the fashion world, as well as the arts field, which we will introduce along with the presentation of their products.

We are proud to cooperate with Slovak internationally recognized experts, whose names and accomplishments crossed the borders of Slovakia. Special ultralight full-carbon-fiber scooter Rocket Bee, specially designed and mechanically engaging into the ® camper as a compact piece, is the result of a 3 year collaboration of well-known successful RR motorcycle designer Mgr.Art. Vojtech Duris ArtD. and a race car constructer Dipl.Ing. Dick Kvetnansky.

Now you can also taste the Attack Energy Drink, a great product of cooperation with Slovak company SK WRC, based on a 100% natural Slovak recipe, excluding any artificial pollutants, fantastically stimulating brain activity, as well as physical performance. The actual drink can is the only one in the world covered by 3D printing, perfectly mimicking the structure of carbon fibers.

A special edition collection of clothing, suitcases and shoes prepares for you extravagant creator and famous designer of spirited oriental style with original manuscripts - Gabriela Giotto. Her works of art hang on the walls of galleries, dresses models and showbiz celebrities. Unique is not only the style and cut, Gabriela Giotto also designs the prints of her own materials.

Rocket-B (Rocket Bee)

Skúter Rocket-B predstavuje revolúciu v prudko sa rozrastajúcom segmente ľahkých motocyklov. Stúpajúci dopyt a nedostatok ekonomicky nenáročnej prepravy je urbanistickým problémom najmä v preplnených veľkomestách. Rocket B je jediný skúter na svete využívajúci karbónový monokokový rám a preto z aspektu hmotnosti a pevnosti nemá absolútne žiadneho konkurenta.

Unikátny monokokový rám zostrojený z uhlíkových a kevlarových vlákien vystužených aramidom, je vyrobený supermodernou technológiou prevzatou z Formule-1. Presne ako v F1, stroj nezaťažujú žiadne zbytočné plasty, či okrasné kapoty, v jeho vnútri nenájdete ani typický ťažký oceľový rám. Extravagantný športový dizajn, ktorým Rocket B na prvý pohľad zaujme, totiž prezentuje samonosná karbónová karoséria vyrobená z jedného kusu. Toto jedinečné riešenie zaručuje desatinovú hmotnosť a mnohonásobne vyššiu pevnosť, oproti pôvodnému železnému rámu a plastovým kapotám. Výsledkom je zásadne nižšia hmotnosť celého stroja, čo v praxi znamená podstatne lepšiu ovládateľnosť, bezpečnosť pri prejazde zákrutami a tiež pri brzdení. Ultraľahká monokoková konštrukcia má tiež mimoriadne pozitívny vplyv na maximálnu rýchlosť, akceleráciu stroja, a zároveň znižuje spotrebu paliva.
Rocket B prináša významný pokrok v bezpečnosti, v jazdných vlastnostiach, pomere hmotnosti a výkonu a tiež skladovateľnosti. Vďaka zvládnutiu extrémne náročnej technológii výroby samonosnej karosérie, bolo našou povinnosťou a nutnosťou zamerať sa tiež na ďaľší aspekt, nebezpečne ovplyvňujúci jazdné parametre dnešných skútrov, umiestnenie batožiny. Klasická, a vlastne historicky jediná používaná poloha batožiny je na stroji vzadu, za osou zadného kolesa, nebezpečne vysoko nad jeho ťažiskom. Toto riešenie je z aspektu jazdných vlastností, brzdenia, či prudkého vyhýbacieho manévru absolútne nevhodné a nebezpečné. Každý gram hmotnosti umiestnený nad ťažiskom stroja, ktoré je zhruba vo výške motora, predstavuje pri vyhýbacom manávri a bočnom preťažení okamžitý niekoľkonásobný nárast svojej hmotnosti.

Predstavme si bežnú študentskú tašku o hmotnosti cca 6kg uloženú v kufri, ktorý sám o sebe aj s inštaláciou váži tiež cca 4kg. Nad ťažiskom máme 10kg balastnej hmotnosti. Predstavme si skúter v rýchlosti 60km/h ktorému sa odrazu objaví na ceste prekážka a jazdec musí strhnúť riadenie prudko doľava a následne doprava, aby neprešiel do protismeru. V danom momente sa na vektorovej osi vo výške kufra objaví preťaženie okolo 3G (trojnásobok zemskej gravitácie) čiže náš náklad sa v desatine sekundy zmení na 30 kilové kladivo, ktoré plnou silou udrie zboku do skútra pri prvom manévri, čiže pri vyhýbaní sa prekážke. A nielen to! Vzhľadom k umiestneniu za osou zadného kolesa, tento úder nielen vykloní stroj do strany, no zároveň sa prenesie do jeho riadenia presne v opačnom smere, ako je práve nutné. Následný úmysel - vrátiť sa naspať do pôvodnej jazdnej dráhy, je pre amatéra temer nemožný a skúter má tendenciu prejsť do protismeru. Následky bývajú fatálne.

Rocket B prináša riešenie tohto nepríjemného fyzikálneho úkazu zásadným inovačným spôsobom. Vyrobili sme vlastné kufre, ktoré sú modulárnou súčasťou stroja a sedia v jeho absolútne najnižšom možnom bode – dokonca ešte pod samotným ťažiskom. Okrem toho je batožina umiestnená aj priamo v centrálnej osi otáčania skútra, takže hmostnosť plných, či prázdnych kufrov nehrá v jazdných vlastnostiach žiadnu rolu.

Na dôvažok týchto výhod sú kufre dva, nie jeden, čo násobí ložnú plochu oproti štandardu o 100%. Oba kufre sú navrhnuté podľa platných noriem, a sú vhodné aj na palubu lietadla. Samozrejmosťou sú vstavané kolečká s veľkým priemerom, ideálne aj na rozbité povrchy a teleskopická rúčka na ťahanie. Na ich výrobu sme použili opäť uhlíkovo aramidovú konštrukciu, presne ako na karosériu skútra, čím dosahujeme opäť extrémny a unikátny pomer medzi hmotnosťou a štrukturálnou pevnosťou každého nášho kufríka. Oba kufre sa na miesto jednoducho zacvaknú, prípadne zamknú. Pri jazde s kuframi sa z podvozku stroja vysunú pohodlné stupačky na nohy, vyrobené samozrejme z ľahkého kovu.

V kombinácii s karavanom ® poskytuje Rocket B exkluzívnu možnosť parkovania. Garáž karavanu bola vyvíjaná spolu so skútrom a okrem vzájomne prispôsobených rozmerov a tvarov, obe strany obsahujú špeciálne rýchlo-úchyty bez nutnosti použitia kotviacich remeňov. Taktiež kufre skútra sa v karavane jediným zacvaknutím na miesto premenia na horizontálne otvárateľné skrinky, pričom ich obsah zostáva bez nutnosti prekladania.

Testovaním v reálnych podmienkach a skúmaním praktických potrieb “skútristov”, sme si okrem uvedených závažných zmien uvedomili aj pár komfortných detailov. Napríklad absenciu podpory využívania mobilného telefónu ako najdostupnejšieho navigačného systému. Moderné “smartphony” totiž nie sú odolné prachu, muškám, či dokonca vlhkosti a dažďu, a nie vždy je ľahké ich k stroju bezpečne uchytiť. Preto sme Rocket B vybavili špeciálnou skrinkou umiestnenou na prístrojovej doske, s otváracím krycím sklom a držiakom na všetky typy existujúcich mobilov. Skrinka je zospodu vetraná a chladená, vybavená tiež dobíjacím USB vstupom.


V záujme komfortu jazdy, či už pri dlhodobejšej trase v tandeme, jazde po nerovnom povrchu, či naopak pri adrenalínovom športovom štýle, je dôležitá možnosť nastavenia podvozku do rôznych režimov. Rocket B je vybavený štýlovým centrálnym prevodníkom tlmenia zadnej nápravy, ktorého pootočením dosahujeme potrebnú tuhosť pruženia. Tento úkon sa vykonáva v priebehu sekúnd, pootočením a aretovaním páky tlmenia, bez použitia akéhokoľvek náradia.

Rocket B - technické údaje:
Motor: 4-takt, 125/150/180 ccm, katalyzátor
Štartovanie: elektrické aj na nohu
Rozmery: d-1900 š-660 v-1350 mm
Hmotnosť: 75 kg
Rázvor: 1430 mm
Typ rámu: samonosný kompozitný monokok
Kolesá/Pneu: 120/12”
Brzdy: kotúčové vpredu/vzadu
Odpruženie: progresívne nastaviteľné
Prevodovka: automatická, variátor
Max.rýchlosť: 100/120/160 km/h


Rocket B - príbeh projektu:
Bionicky ladený dizajn stroja pripomínajúci napruženú včelu s nadupaným predkom a ľahučkým zadkom, má logickú súvislosť so svojim anglickým názvom Rocket B, kde B sa číta ako “Bee”. V preklade to znamená “Raketová Včela”. Tento názov vznikol ako logická kombinácia spojenia organických a neorganických vlastností v hlave malého päťročného chlapca. Želal si spojiť dokonalú minimálnu a prírodou optimalizovanú hmotnosť usilovnej včeličky, s fenomálnymi vlastnosťami najsilnejšieho a najrýchlejšieho stroja. A tak nám predstavil svoj milý nápad Včelo-Rakety, alebo Raketo-Včely. Aj keď malý Janko na svoj nápad možno rokmi zabudol a počas svojho dospievania navrhol mnoho iných zaujímavých nápadov, mnohé z nich aj talentovane nakreslil, my sme sa k tomuto jeho detskému snu vrátili. Nepodarilo sa nám zachrániť jeho mladý svet, no podarilo sa nám aspoň zrealizovať jeden jeho krásny sen. Túto pamiatku sme s úctou urobili najlepšie, ako je možné. S rešpektom, zmyslom pre najjemnejší detail a s použitím najmodernejšej technológie, spolu s najnovšími materiálmi, používanými v raketovej technike, či vo Formule 1. Presne tak, akoby si to bol Janko želal.

V aktuálnom vývojovom návrhárskom procese


For each HOMESTER kit, we´ll give you a present, carton (24pcs) of a special edition of Attack Energy Drink to give you a daily dose of pure natural energy.

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