Attack R4S

Factory catalogue

The racing version of the street A1 Attack Roadster has been named R4S by the racing academy, founded by the company on the Slovakian race track Slovakiaring, as well as by the R4S racing team, which greatly represented Slovakia, mainly abroad. The simple idea was Pretekáme za Slovensko, which we translate to english as we Race For Slovakia (R4S). The reason for this national pride was the fact that not only the pilots Dick Kvetňanský and Martin Sedlák are Slovaks, but also the whole vehicle is a purely Slovak product born from pure passion and enthusiasm.

Attack R4S, later with refined aerodynamics and a number of radical modifications derived the brutal Praga R4S, have gathered a number of successes in the toughest GT Open class all over Europe. The small brand from Slovak garage proved to beat its gigantic competitors like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Lotus, BMW, Aston Martin, Viper, Corvette etc.. with its own product and minimal budget. Not only the chassis, design, bodywork and aerodynamics of the entire Slovak SuperSports caused this success, but also an extraordinarily powerful super lightweight eight-cylinder engine of Attack own design, spinning an incredible 12,000 rpm. The Attack R4S has demonstrated, in the current global automobile industry, that even a tiny company is able to break the cartel walls of multinationals with a tremendous determination, enthusiasm and honest experience to showcase the trend. Same like Pagani, or Koenigsegg does.