Praga R1

A sophisticated peak of automotive development was the idea of a super light racing special, that would move the border of perfection on the race track to the highest possible level, at the lowest possible cost. The R&D Attack team, originaly founded by Dick Kvetnansky & Juraj Mitro, began working already in 2008 on a two-seater formula type racing special with huge aerodynamic downforce and minimal air drag, allowing a relatively cheap power-train unit to achieve a drastic reduction in costs. The ingenious handling charkteristics in the curve apex has to compensate for the reduced top speed. The authors of the project realized that the percentage of pitching and curving on racing tracks clearly means that they would benefit from lower weight and aerodynamic pressure.

The phenomenal mid-engine monopost, named after the investor - Praga R1 LMP, currently the most successful ultra-light track racecar, with the formula monocoque chassis, represent the absolute top. The ratio between weight, lateral G-force, dynamic performance, and achieved lap times on all world tracks, shows against the procurement price the most advantageous alternative to for the training of LMP class or formula riders.

After the introduction of the reduced 1:6 Praga R1 model at the international press conference at Slovakiaring, the construction of the final special and its serial production continued under the baton of the experienced Praga, which the unrivaled vehicle currently offers also in the road version.