Factory catalogue

Construction of a sports car is extremely demanding job. We have been lucky to build and design the K1 Attack Roadster a way, that may not been a measurable success in sales figures on the world market, but became a major technological competition to well-known sports cars brands. The willingness of carmakers to provide engines and control units gradually disappeared and our team had to deal with this problem as well. The reserach and development of a superlight highspeed eight cylinder engine based on two four-cylinder engines integrated into our own dural block, has been finally replaced by a charged aggregate due to the low life-cycle of the motorcycle parts and the lack of torque.

The revolutionary result of collaborating with specialists from all around the world, as well as professors from well-known universities, has become our turbocharged engine, tested on a 5-cylinder Audi engine with a horsepower of over 800 hp and a torque exceeding 1000 Nm, or a small 1.6-liter Subaru, where the performance climbed to incredible 600 hp and 700 Nm. The gasoline consumption data in BSFC units, in this case, was below 150, which in practice means consumption of about 3.8 liters per 100 km and the thermodynamic efficiency of the engine at almost 60%. However, political will would be needed to integrate this technology into production and its application to the final consumer, as it would revolutionize the automotive industry, as in the marketing of motor gigants, which is set to gradually increase efficiency over the next 50 years while the combustion engines reach the relative efficiency limit at the Carnot Cycle boundary.