K1 Attack Roadster

Factory catalogue

After the K1 Attack tremendous success on the Kit Car scene since 1997, young Attack team leaded by Dick Kvetnansky changed the strategy and reworked the vehicle from scratch in their new factory in Bratislava. At 2004 a new street legal supersport car was introduced at prestigious IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. Passed all crash tests, emission test etc, K1 Attack became one of very few small volume manufacture projects ever reach valid TUV, DOT and COC certificates. Using all new original equipment manufacture parts from Ford, running ultimate Jaguar V6 powerplant, a beautiful K-1 Attack Roadster was born and officially medially introduced at Ford's european Dunton Development Center facility at London, as exclusive partner. Ford never before, or after, did this with any other partner using their powerplant, and that was for example Koenigsegg, Noble, Saleen, Marcos, Caterham or TWR. However, the craftmaship, design, safety, handling and legal level of the project was so high, that Ford decided to do so.

Generating huge attention, Attack won also the 1-st place in Tour deSol aletnative fuel World Contest with biodiesel hybrid Attack vehicle, build in cooperation with Philadelphia University and Boeing. Unique soya bean powered sportscar beat every other giant automotive manufacturer in world.
Featuring in many advertisings and movies, for example american The Mist - with Tommy Lee Jones, or LOVE with Michal Nemtuda, Attack became to be a well known piece of slovak heritage and was awarded by many reputable prizes.

Limited serie of 200 sophisticated convertible sportcars were showed on every world known car exhibition, flash through many exclusive showrooms and finally were sold all over the world.